Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Captain Maury

Captain Maury Polse is a San Francisco Bay native, born on the island of Alameda, a few yards from the Bay, in 1950. For most of his life he has been on the water. His father Burton’s first boat was an ex-Navy launch purchased in 1955. His first command was the ‘DIXIE’. Purchased sight-unseen, sunk at Bethel Island in 1983. He raised her and a week later drove her to 5th Ave. on the Oakland Esturary. With the “Admiral” Frannie and his three boys Aaron, David and Jake as crew he explored the Bay and Delta from San Jose to Sacramento.
Donating the use of ‘DIXIE’ for chairitable causes the Captain was inspired to become a professional mariner. He earned his 100 ton Masters License in 1993. In 1994 he began operating ‘DIXIE’ Charters, “We’ll carry you, marry you or bury you. Full service charters, six passengers”, at Pier 39. In 1995 his operation was invited to move to Fisherman’s Wharf and remains the home of ‘DIXIE’ Charters, right across the street from the DiMaggio building, the original owners of ‘DIXIE’.


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